Terms and conditions of use


On  this website :

“Website” – refer to professionalessaywriting.com

“Customer”, “You”, “Yours” on this website  refers to the client or any  person who issued an order on the website

“Company”, “We” and “Ours” means the managers of the website professionalessaywriting.com and any reference to them

“Product” means writing work, essay or thesis, that are made-to-order and delivered to customer in accordance with all requirements

“Order” means an order created in written electronic form by the client. Order is transmitted to the website online. It describes all  the requirements of the customer, including the execution time and the amount of writing work.

The services we provide

The management reserves the right to make amendments to the additional terms. This is possible if:

  1. We change the type of provided service
  2. We are introducing new services on the website
  3. This is necessary for reasons of security or legal reasons

All the changes are necessarily published on the website. All the users should check the website to know about the possible changes.

Registration on the website

The website represents the company PBG Solutions, which is registered in accordance with the legislation at Estonia.

References to “You” and “Yours” refers to  you, as a registered user or a visitor of the  website


The refund is carried out only in cases which are described in the document "Money refund policy". For more detailed information, please read this document. Please note – if you are a citizen of the European Union, your order price includes VAT which is not refundable. Therefore, when you refund, you get the amount specified in the price list of the website.


Performed by the writers of the website, the ordering is completely original and unique. All the Copyrights for this written work belong to the company.

All written work performed by the company, as well as materials from the site have a personal purpose and are not commercial. You may not sell, modify, publish or make copies of any documents of this website without the written consent of the company. Otherwise, for illegal use of materials on the website, you shall bear civil and criminal responsibility. The use of any materials presented on the site for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Plagiarism free

The company reserves the right to refuse the order or suspend the order with a personality that is trying to pass the plagiarism for the original product when making an order for the editing. The written work created by the company is not transferable to third parties, as well as public dissemination. In case the company suspects of the possibility of plagiarism or distribution of its work, we can refuse further performance of the order. These actions also can lead you to legal liability.

The company Professionalessaywriting.com complies with all copyright laws, and prohibits to sign your name on the written works performed by the company. Work delivered to you has only research or reference purpose. Our company is not involved in any plagiarism, and is actively fighting against this. The customer acknowledges that all written work that you receive is used for research purpose and only as the samples. The part of the work that you use must have reference to the original article and the website and must be submitted correctly and without any errors.

The company Professionalessaywriting.com doesn't bear any legal responsibility for the illegal use of its written works. We are not responsible for the fact that the work is not accepted by the teachers of the university, it received a low mark, you were expelled from the university. The customer is solely responsible for their  actions due to unethical use of written works performed by the company.

Academic society as well as our company permits the possibility of a 10% plagiarism in the written work. If the writers delivered the work, containing more than 10% of plagiarism, the customer has the right for free rework and elimination of plagiarism in the work. You also have the right to request a refund.

Nota Bene! Idioms, expressions, and references to bibliography are not plagiarism and should not be considered as plagiarisms.

Professionalessaywriting.com Guarantee

We guarantee the delivery of original and unique written works, which contain no more than 10% of plagiarism.  The references and expressions are not considered.

We prepare written work in accordance with all requirements that the client specifies in the order.

All writing papers are adhered to the official standard of the English language.

When ordering, the customer agrees to all terms of the site and confirms their execution.


To place an order please fill in the form on the website. In the form make sure you fill in fields with personal information. Do not disclose this information to third parties under any circumstances. Please refer to the security policy of our website.

Your email address will be used exclusively to communicate and clarify questions of your order. Your phone number could be used only with the urgent issues and messages.

When ordering, the client sends the paid request. The company receives the request, examines it and looks for the writers to perform the work. Within 15-20 minutes, the customer receives an order confirmation and a link for payment.

If you have already applied for our services and were satisfied with the work of a writer, you can order writing work of that writer again. To do this, enter your customer number in the order. If this writer is busy, we will find you another qualified author.

It is also possible to complete a rush order. In this case, you must specify the deadlines and pay the extra cost. The writer starts working as soon as the 100% payment for your work was received.

If you need the sources used for writing the work, this must be specified in the order and pay additionally.

If it is necessary to edit your finished work, please order an editing service. Our writers will eliminate all types of errors in your document.

After filling in the order form, the cost is calculated based on the written work, timing of service delivery and its academic level. The lead time begins from the time of 100% payment for the order.

Price and payment

On the page "Pricing policy" you can find the list of all services and their cost. For citizens of the European Union you must also pay the VAT that is not included in the quoted price for the site services. You will be required to pay VAT as extra upon payment. VAT is not refundable.

If the client requires additional services that are not in the list of services provided by the company, the company has the right to set the price for additional services by itself.

The work of the writers of the company is paid in full when ordering. We are confident in the quality of our work. When a suitable writer for your order is not found, we guarantee refund of the entire amount.


When the work is done, the customer can see it in its account on the website of the company professionalessaywriting.com. In compliance with all the requirements, the customer shall confirm it by pressing the “Approve” and download written work.

After performing these steps, you have 10 days to request free amendments and modifications to work. If the volume of the work is 20 pages or more, the lifetime of free revisions is within 14 days. After client approves the work, the requirement for the refund and money return is impossible.

If the order was not delivered to the customer on time, the customer can receive a partial refund.

The company is not responsible for technical malfunctions of the Internet service provider or mail server of the client if they are the cause of the delay of order delivery.

After downloading of the done work by the company to the personal client Cabinet you have ten days to confirm it. After 10 days the order is confirmed automatically.

To improve the quality of our services, we ask you to complete feedback field and to leave your feedback after order confirmation.

Security and privacy policy

Please be careful and do not tell any third party your credit card number and other personal data.

For more information about security policies, please refer to the relevant page of the website.

 Customer warranties

When ordering, the customer confirms:

  • The correctness of the information provided
  • All products are provided solely as examples
  • The company receives all rights for all the products provided by the client
  • Payment, which customer performs is used to pay for the work of the writer, as well as the different needs of a website
  • You will not publicly distribute the work done by the company without our written permission
  • You will not create copies of the written works for further distribution

Liability Limitation

You acknowledge that under no circumstances the company bears liability associated with the products, in any cases which are not dependent on the employees of the company, its managers and Directors, including the following:

  1. Failures of computers, software and electronic security, phones, and Internet
  2. Unsuccessful or fully failed computer transmissions
  3. All events that can cause a delay in the delivery of work that do not depend on the company
  4. Getting damages or injuries that occurred while using our product

You agree to take on legal fees in the event of infringements by the customer.

The company assumes no responsibility for any losses incurred due to the use of a company product as well as use the services and information provided on this website.

You acknowledge that these terms may be changed by company at its sole discretion. So please read these terms and conditions when ordering.