Revision management

Our company serves to provide customers with a high quality academic assistance. In case if the paper doesn't fully meet your requirements, we will revise it for free. To get your paper revised, please do the following: 

  • Let us know you want us to revise your paper by submitting a request. You can find a special button on your personal page, where you earlier made an order. 
  • Revision is only possible if you submit your request before the order is approved, or within ten days after the approval of your order.

At the same time, if you consider significant revision of your paper to be completed, we may change the fee, taking into account the revision specificities, such as length and complexity.

Note about revision request

If it's been more than ten days since the order approval, but you still want to submit a request, you will have to make a new order by means of editing service. Please be aware that the company has the right to prolong the revision deadline, if appropriate.