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A report is a short document that is written for a particular purpose and targets a specific audience. It is very straightforward and structured in a clear way to make it easy to read. Reports present facts and evidence about an analyzed problem or situation.

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Types of Report Writing

There are two primary types of written reports. These include:

  • 1) Informal reports

These are the daily reports and may appear in the form of a letter, short document, or a memo. The significant difference between informal and formal reports lies in their formality and length. Informal reports use a conversational tone, and they are meant to analyze, inform and recommend. They do not need supplemental material to back it. Examples of informal reports are a literature review, financial report, progress report, credit report, and personnel evaluation. 

  • 2) Formal reports

These are documents used at an official level. They contain definitive collection and interpretation of data. They are quite complex in nature and mostly written to account for a major project. They assume a particular format and use a formal tone. Formal reports are divided into recommendation reports, informational reports, and analytical reports. They are aimed at a specific audience.

Help with report writing may be substantial especially when it is an official report. We can make your report credible and liable because we know the rules and guidelines of report writing that should be strictly following. Here are some of the guidelines for writing a good report.

The purpose of the report- This will help you determine the type of report you are going to write. When you know the purpose of the article, you can filter what information to include during the writing process and which tools to use.

The target audience- A report has to be written in a language that your target audience is familiar with. Reports present collected and interpreted data that aims at solving a particular problem or situation. A good report addresses the audience needs. You should get to know your audience by identifying what they already know about the topic. Then let the report address what they do not know, but they need.

Stick to the objective- The report should be straight to the point. The objective will help you deliver what is needed. The content of the report should be arranged in chronological order. Keep the information precise and relevant to the topic. The length of the report will be determined by the intensity of the research required.

Consider a layout- A report is a formal document, and the layout you choose should portray a level of professionalism. The visual aids that you use in the report should have a direct link with the text. They also have to be in line with the topic and objective of the report.

Time frame- Determine the duration in which the report should be ready. Some reports are valid when they are presented early. Set the time depending on the urgency of the report and the need to solve the existing situation or problem. The time should also have an allowance for you to review the report before submitting it to your audience.

Lab Report Writing

The frequently asked question about report writing is how do I write my lab report? Lab report writing service is one of the technical writing that requires extensive knowledge and experience. Our team of experts is always ready to aid whether it is editing your lab report or writing it from scratch. Lab reports have a technical structure in writing them. Each section of the report has to contain a particular type of information. It is important to note that all the scientific names should appear in italics and any number greater or equal to ten should be written in a numerical form. Here is the structure of a technical report:

Title- The title of a scientific report entails less than ten words, and the title should depict the content of the report. Scientific report titles are not meant to be catchy to the reader but factual. 

Abstract- It should range between 100-200 words. The abstract should summarize the content so that the reader can tell if the report would serve their purpose by only looking at the abstract.

Introduction- An excellent introduction to a scientific report indicates why the study was carried out, the sole objective of the study, and the knowledge available regarding the topic. Unexplored fields of the subject matter should also be included in your introduction.

Tools and Methods- This section is the report of all the tools and methods used to carry out the experiment and collect data. The information provided in this section should be enough to explain all tools and methods used but not lengthy because it could overwhelm the reader.

Findings- In this section, you are supposed to write about the results of your experiment. The implication of your findings should not be stated in this section when summarizing your data. The use of tables and figures are recommended in this chapter. However, they should have descriptive titles and in the case on of abbreviations, the meanings should be indicated.

Discussion- The interpreted data is discussed in depth to agree with or refuse from the current hypothesis. The author of the report expresses their views according to the facts at hand. This section is useful for even future similar research.

Literature cited- All the books used in your research should be listed in this chapter. However, the books are listed in alphabetical order using the authors’ last name. There can be a various citation format that the report takes. Include names and initials of the authors in this section. 

Most of the technical reports assume this structure unless specified otherwise. The language used in the report has to relate to the field associated with the report. When you do not have enough time on your side, and you want your technical, academic, or any other specified field report, then you will find us to be very helpful.