Secure Your Papers With Academic Proofreading Services Provided By Professionals

Proofreading means carefully rereading a raw document that has not been printed yet. It includes correcting grammatical errors, formatting the text layout, improving the tone, and using appropriate writing styles.

Professional proofreading services online offer students and also professionals a chance to produce error-free documents. We provide proofreading services for academic papers and also professional papers including books. Some transcription such as MBA application or college application essays has to be flawless. We have a competent team of proofreaders, and they have the perfect command of English and other skills required for a top-notch proofreader. Despite the advanced technology in writing such as spelling and grammar checkers, a human touch gives life to the paper. We combine both technology and human proofreading for all the transcriptions we receive from our clients. This is one factor that has helped us to be the best company for all your proofreading services.

What Will Our Proofreaders Do?

There is a certain standard that each transcription should meet. The language used in an MBA transcription is more advanced than a high school essay. The task of our proofreaders is to go through the paper and edit where necessary. Essay editing service is inclusive of proofreading when our client entrusts us with their work. Here are some of the things that will be counter checked in your document:

Consistent writing style- This will include spellings and tenses used in the document. If the document is written in a third person style, then all the tenses have to be passive. Consistency in tenses is something that authors know is important. However, during writing, you may get carried away and mix your writing style.

Chronological arrangement- The flow of your work makes readability easy. It also helps the reader get the content fully. Our proofreaders and editor brush the document where necessary to make it flow smoothly. This may also include the transition of paragraphs and chapters in the document.

Content- The topic of the work will determine the content included. Our proofreaders will identify all flaws in the content if any. Then the editor will remove and replace them with topic appropriate content. There are also fluffs that are unnecessary. They make your document boring. That is the work of our team to identify and remove them.

Check the table of content- Sometimes we miss some page or chapters as indicated to our table of content. We check to see if everything corresponds with what table of content shows. It is important because it guides the reader.

Weak adjectives- There is a level of mastery of language that is expected on each level of academics. Our writers will ensure that your adjectives and the words used are of your level yet simple to read. There are also terms that are employed in different professions. When we edit a professional document, we make use of these terms for your document to have a substantial impact on the reader.

We don’t change the entire content or the target on the document. Our job is to make the final document readable and free of errors. We intervene where we see it is necessary during the proofreading process.

Academic Editing Services

Essay editing services are offered by a broad range of online agencies. However, you need a partner who understands your educational need and importance to execute your academic essays. We have the most affordable rates that you can find in the industry. We also have a team of US certified best editors. We offer academic essay editing services to all levels of academia and all topics. Our team consists of various professional writers, librarians, among others that can help make your essay awesome. Your essay will be matched with an expert in the relevant field.

What you get when you come to us for editing services:

100% original essay- Plagiarism can be damaging to your essay if noted. During the editing process, we counter-check for plagiarism and cite all the facts that are necessary to the buildup of the content. This will prevent you from being penalized for plagiarism.

Perfect grammar- We check the consistency of writing style and tone. Being an academic paper, we check for accuracy of the words and phrases used. We also correct the punctuation flaws in the essay to give you the best final document.

Human intervention- Although there is grammar checking software, nothing beats the creativity of a human mind. We do not use spin software to edit your essay. A double editing policy is what is used by our agency. Where two experts on the topic are given the essay to proofread and edit.

Expert advice- The panel of experts who are assigned to execute your work can give any guidance required to make your essay stand out.

Dissertation Editing Services

A dissertation is one of the most challenging and demanding essays that you will ever write. It shows how well you have mastered the topic and your ability to argue logically. So, when looking for an online editing service, you need a team of competent elites who are familiar with the topic.

There is a format as well as some rules that guide the writing of a dissertation. We add value to your dissertation by editing the document following all the rules and guidelines are followed. Here are some common mistakes that people make when writing a dissertation.

Insufficient research- Depending on your topic your research has to be up to date because of variation caused with time. The aim of the research is to create a concrete baseline for your argument. Lack of research makes your dissertation shallow and unappealing.

Bad format- The standards of writing your thesis have to be followed. This can cause you your grades. Your mentor may offer guidance which again is time-consuming. Getting the appropriate format from the beginning will also be useful in guiding you throughout your writing.

Late on schedule- Dissertations have a specified period when they should be executed and delivered. When you fail to present and defend your dissertation on time, then it becomes useless.

Fewer sources/citations- Citations indicate the lengths that you went during your research. The more research you conducted, the more credible your work becomes. Relevant sources make it easier for your assessor to believe your argument in the paper. Most of the internet research is not reliable or have shallow information. Research through some of the well-known and credible sites to increase the credibility of your work.

Justification of methods- The last common mistake is a lack of clear and proper explanation of tools used in data collection and analysis of the data. The methods used should be able to give the same findings to another research with all the variables held constant.

Professional editing services make sure that all the mistakes in your dissertation are corrected. However, you have to come up with the best online writing agency that can deliver your work on time and it will be of high quality. Reviews of previous clients can tell you the reliability of the site before choosing.