No plagiarism is guaranteed

Increasingly in the speech of modern people we can hear the word plagiarism. It becomes more popular day after day.  The word ‘plagiarism’ is usually used deliberately, but sometimes unfortunately it is misused. A Great attention is paid to the plagiarism in our days, and a great importance the plagiarism has acquired in the USA and Canada. In these countries the copyright has a great respect and here everyone can pay dearly for the violations of authorship. Let's figure out what the plagiarism is itself and how to avoid it in order not to be punished.

Essentially Plagiarism is the relationship which arises between the author and the person that used his work, thereby causing harm to the reputation of the author. The code of laws of the United States says that any work that was created in the USA since 1989 automatically has a copyright even there is no visible copyright on it.

Plagiarism and its meaning

Let’s examine the meaning of plagiarism in more detail. In its essence, plagiarism is the appropriation of the ideas of one person by another and presenting them as their own. The main Academic rules require references to the original author in any work. These rules also describe how to indicate such references. Violation of these rules always entails punishment. After all, plagiarism is the theft of intellectual property of the author. And any theft, whether it is movable, immovable property or authorship is strictly punished in every country, particularly in the United States.

Respect the author and keep your reputation

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