How to Write a Thesis Paper

A thesis paper is an academic writing that a candidate writes to prove an assertion. It is mostly done by students pursuing academic degrees or professionals. Although some people may refer to the thesis as an essay, the format it takes is different from the ordinary essays.

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Types of Thesis Papers

There are several types of thesis papers. The one you choose will determine the approach you take in writing the thesis paper.

Argumentative thesis paper

The argumentative thesis paper is also known as a persuasive thesis. The author makes a stance (claim) in the thesis statement and supports it throughout the paper. The author provides relevant information and evidence to support the paper. The paper is meant to make the reader relate to the topic and probably make them see things from your point of view.

Although the author takes a stance when writing the paper, you have to give more solid evidence on the topic rather than opinion.

Expository Thesis paper

This is the simplest type of thesis paper compared to other types. The author explains a topic to their audience. However, the catch here is that the audience has to be familiar with your topic. The discussion has to be arranged in chronological order.

Analytical thesis paper

As the name suggests, analytical thesis paper is formulated to analyze a topic in depth. The author breaks down the topic into simple sections and covers them comprehensively. The thesis statement states the topic and the subsections of it.

This type of paper is common in subjects that require data to be analyzed such as sciences and mathematics. The author gives only facts in this type of paper and not unproven personal statements. Although the author can give their opinion, the main focus is the facts of the paper. Analytical thesis paper requires an extensive research and a lot of time to execute it.

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Creating a Thesis Statement

Developing thesis statements that can capture the attention of the readers is one of the challenging parts of writing a thesis paper. You can research on the various examples of thesis paper that have been written on a similar topic. This can give you an idea of what interests the readers and if there is a knowledge gap that your thesis can fill.

What Is The Best Thesis Statement?

Your thesis questions or statement is what creates the interest and motivates the reader to read your paper. Your thesis statement helps the reader know what your paper is about. You can also use it as a guide to help you stay relevant throughout the paper. Try to keep the thesis statement short and clear. Normally, it is about one to two sentences. The statement should also include an idea of your stance on the paper.

How to Format a Thesis Statement

What is a good thesis statement? A good thesis statement is one that can guide you to write the best thesis paper. Yet coming up with an effective thesis statement can be a problem. Here are tips to help you format your thesis statement:

Your thesis statement has to be unique. Generic arguments are boring to every reader. You can use the generic arguments to identify the niche that you want to explore. Other than that it is a risky business to base your thesis paper on the general argument. There are certain terms and phrases that can be used to determine the originality of your text. You should not state a fact as your thesis statement. Choose something that you think needs to be addressed, but it is not available.

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Does your thesis statement address a need? Sometimes you can start a thesis with a question, and the author bases their argument in extensively answering the question to the readers’ satisfaction. Readers are interested in getting new knowledge when reading your thesis paper.

Your thesis statement has to include your stance. If you do it, then your thesis statement gives the reader a sense of direction. It prepares them to anticipate a certain direction in the information provided. It also acts as your guide to keep you on track.

The clarity of your thesis statement. The reader needs to understand what they are about to read by looking at your thesis statement. You can use terminologies that are associated with the topic at hand or a simple language that your target audience can understand. Writing a thesis statement using technical language is not recommended especially if you are not sure if your audience is familiar with the technical language that you are using.

You can be able to tell the strength of your thesis statement by reviewing the above. There is also a ‘so what’ test that your thesis statement will be subjected to. When formulating your thesis statement ask ‘so what’ and see if your thesis statement answers it. Place your thesis statement at the end of your first paragraph.

How to Write a Good Thesis

Some of the best academic thesis papers are written out of controversial topics that spark argument among readers. Here are tips on how to write a good thesis paper:

Use a language that your audience is familiar with. The essence of writing a thesis paper is to provide information to your audience. Use simple language that your audience easily understands. For a technical thesis, you can include familiar terminologies to make the thesis more comprehensible to your audience.

Dig deep in your research. Unveiling a new knowledge to the existing one is always a plus to your thesis paper. Conduct a deep research about your topic and familiarize yourself with the common concepts. Avoid concepts that are repeated over and over again.

Check for the contradiction in your thesis. This is one of the aspects that makes your thesis appear irrelevant. When writing a thesis, the author chooses a stance and persuades the reader to accept their ideology. Contradiction in your text indicates that you are not sure about your claim.

Stick to the length provided. This is another indirect test of writing a thesis paper. The length of the thesis is meant to see how much you can cover with limited freedom. Draft your thesis and trim it until it fits the recommended length before submission. Ensure that you have to present your argument fully and that all the relevant sources are cited within the recommended length. 

Think of possible counterarguments. When the author expects a reaction from the reader and addresses it in the thesis, it makes it flawless. The best thesis always has reaction from the audience. If your thesis does not stimulate further argument to give room for knowledge expansion, then you may consider changing it.

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