How to Write a Good Research Paper

A research paper is an extended research of a topic the main aim of which is to give new knowledge to the existing or to show flaws in the current knowledge. Research papers are also known as scholarly papers. APA and MLA are the main writing formats that are used to write a good research paper. A well written research paper can be analyzed from the thesis statement and introduction for a research paper. Professionals are also sometimes required to write a research paper, for example, a marketing research paper to indicate the fluctuation of taste and preferences of the consumers. 

The main aim of a college student writing a research paper is to show their grasp of the topic. Some subjects such as sociology, nursing, finance, and legal studies will require a social scientific approach in carrying out the research. The knowledge in social sciences keeps on changing due to human diversity and time. There are some subjects such as chemistry that require lab experiments and book research to come up with ideas for a research paper.

Types of research paper

There are two primary forms of research papers. Both school and professional research papers can assume one of the forms.

Analytical research paper

The introduction of this type of research paper starts with a thesis question. The writer of this type of research paper looks at all dimensions of analyzing the question without any biases. The author does not choose any sides but offers a critical view for the readers to draw their conclusions. 

Argumentative research pape

It is more of a persuasive research to get people to look at things from your point of view. The writer starts the introduction with a predetermined stance in the thesis statement. Most of the argumentative research topics are controversial or debatable. The author utilizes both primary and secondary sources to create a concrete argument throughout the research paper. This type of research paper is meant to make the reader agree with your assertion after finishing reading the paper.

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Research Paper Structure

Most professional research paper writing services have perfected the art of writing. The difference between most scholarly writing is the format. There are specific guidelines that dictate how a research paper should be written. Here is the structure to write the best research paper:

The title page

The title page carries the thesis statement or question. It shows the readers what the research paper is about.

Name(s) of the author. When using a professional writing service, the actual author (s) remain ghosts, and your name(s) are drafted on this part. The contact information of the authors can also be written in this part of the research paper.

Name of the mentor/supervisor of the research. It is recommended that you also name the course or department that the research was completed for and the department that oversees the research paper. This can be the department that the paper is being submitted to.

Also, include the completion date of the research paper.


This is one of the necessary steps to make a research paper. It gives the reader an overview of what the research paper entails. The abstract section is usually short and precise. You have to include the research problem, the reason for the research, the methodology used, primary results, and the interpretation of the results. An abstract is a summary of the entire paper.

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The introduction provides a historical background information of what the paper is about. The introduction should validate the research and set the ground for the reader to sink into reading the whole paper.


The methodology is at the core of the research paper structure. You will indicate the methodology used to carry out the research and data collection. This helps the reader to validate the research paper and gives way for more research. The findings collected from the research can be verified using the same methods and holding some aspects constant.

When writing your method, use a clear and direct approach. Avoid lengthy and unnecessary information in this section. The challenge may arise in keeping the section short and making it inclusive of all the relevant information. Use the past tense to write your methods and write them in chronological order. It will make it easier for the reader to follow your paper. The method section will determine the strength of your findings section.


In this section of your research paper, you include the information that you collected from your method. This is the most fun part of writing a research paper because you report your observations and the data collected while carrying out the research. Most students make a mistake of interpreting their data in this section.

To avoid repetition and irrelevant information in this section, you can use tables, graphs, or figures to present your results. To make the paper more valid include the negative results too. There is nothing like a flawless research. The reader wants to know the possible challenges that you faced during your research. The negative findings present that to the readers.


This is where the juice of the research paper is found. In the discussion section, all the data found in methodology and indicated in results are interpreted. The data are broken down to more understandable and simple presentation. The discussion section gives the author the freedom to write both positive and negative aspects of the research. You can also include personal criticism in this section.

Analyze other similar research papers. Focus on the method and results and see if your data are good enough. You can outline some of the methodologies used that did not give you 100% results you were hoping for.

You can also point out if your research has brought new knowledge to the existing topic. This makes it easier for the next researcher to identify missing knowledge of the topic.


Some of the field research papers would not find this section mandatory, but it is important to include it in your paper. The conclusion is wrapping up all the information that you have provided in your paper. Although most of the readers’ questions may be answered in the discussion section, you can use the conclusion section to include what you feel is necessary for the paper but was left out.

Conclusion acts as a reminder to the reader of what they have already read. Make it short and precise.


Give credit to people or institutions that made the research successful. Mind that you must have permission from the people you want to include in the acknowledgment. During methods, you may collect data from sources that want to remain anonymous. The ethics may not allow you to disclose all your sources especially those that shared sensitive information that can jeopardize their lives.


Cite all the materials used in the paper that are not original. Citation removes the concept of plagiarism on your paper. The best research paper should have minimal or zero plagiarism. This is an important section of the research paper. The reader can tell the credibility of your paper by looking at your references. Use reputable sources to back up your research paper.

Ways to do a research paper on will depend on what you like doing. Choosing a research topic can be challenging. Choose a topic that you can easily find credible information. For example, a topic that investigates any conspiracy theory may be hard to prove your research due to lack of credible sources. Choose a topic that is controversial or addresses an urgent need.

Writing a good research paper is not as complex as many students think. However, sometimes you can have an overwhelming bulk of academic work. Giving your paper to be done by a trusted professional writing service will ensure that you get the good grades you deserve.

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