How to Write a Good Essay

An essay is writing in which the author expresses their point of view on a certain topic. An essay takes a personal approach but the tone used and writing style is different compared to other academic writings and informal writing.

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How to Be Good At Essay Writing

Writing is an art, and the more you practice it, the better you become in it. It also sharpens your skills. Here are some tips for writing an essay:

Read widely

Creativity can be borrowed or inspired. Reading other people’s written work can help you broaden your creativity, acquire a unique writing style and improve your essay writing. Different disciplines have a different approach on how they deal with the issue. You can choose a phenomenon and look at how different disciplines address it.

When reading, be critical and look at the different angles that the author used to make their work interesting. One of the major challenges when writing an essay is a perfect flow of ideas and to make it fascinating from the first paragraph to the last. The format for essay writing differs but academic essay takes a more critical and analytic approach.


One of the keys to writing a good essay is to communicate with the reader. When the reader can clearly understand your writing, they can be easily persuaded to buy your ideology. Simple sentence structure makes it easy for the reader to go through your work without feeling inferior or lost because of your writing style.

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Punctuation and your writing tone are very important. The tone you use will depend on the department or course that you are pursuing. Academic essay writing normally uses an official tone. You can use a friendly informative tone in articles and other informal educative essays. Reading through your previous written essays can also give you an insight of your tone and indicate whether you need to change it or improve it. Study your audience. Then use a tone that is appropriate to them. However, writing in an active voice gives your essay a commanding power to capture the attention of your audience. 

Punctuation and grammatical errors are other aspects that make your essay readable. There are several guidelines that govern essay writing regarding grammar and punctuation. Long sentences may lead to punctuation or grammatical errors.

Build your vocabulary

Having a good command of your language will help you express yourself better. Sometimes we have creative ideas and angle that can make our essays captivating and informative, but we lack words to express ourselves. Building your vocabulary will make your essay precise and relevant. There is a level of vocabulary that students in different learning levels should attain. College students are expected to have an advanced vocabulary. When you write an academic essay and the level of your vocabulary does not match your academic level then you may score fewer marks than you anticipated.

There are various ways you can use to build your vocabulary. Reading a lot of good written essays can help you upgrade. You can refer to your dictionary each time you bump into a new word to get the several meanings attributed to it. Other ways include:

Using a vocabulary book- It is very possible that we can be better at a foreign language than at our native language. The main reason is that we take vocabulary seriously and practice it from time to time. Learn new words to build your essay writing capability. Set aside some new words that you will use in each essay you write. It will help you be familiar with using them correctly and thus improving the ratings on your essays.

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Learn synonyms- using the same words over and over again in your essay shows how plain and boring it is. Learning to use synonyms removes the boredom and breaks the monotony of words. It also shows your readers your intellectual capacity and command of the language.

There is a subtle difference between showing your command of the language and sounding pompous in your essay. The goal is to communicate with your audience and not show off. Use simple language that will not cross the line but will show you know what you are talking about.

Use controversy

Some of the best essays are those that stimulate argument between the readers. Using the controversy to your advantage to build your essay can make it attractive and informative. The angle that you take in handling each topic makes your essay different from others already written.

Learn from the pioneer authors of each topic that you want to handle. When writing your essay, you can quote the authors and also add your opinion to it. This is one way of making your audience view you as a thinker. Also, include the critics of the pioneers that you think will be relevant to help you build your essay. Essay writing is about showing how well you know the topic. Showing both pillars and critics that build your topic in essay writing gives you the perfect ground to show that you have mastered your topic.

When you are quoting the pioneers and critics, do not go overboard. At the end of the day, the reader wants to get new and useful information from your essay.

Do your research

When writing an essay, you must have a plan. It includes how the essay will start and run until the conclusion. Do research of an elevator pitch introduction that will capture the attention of your readers and a conclusion that will leave your readers asking questions.

When conducting your research, use relevant and reputable sources. This will act as the pillars to support your argument through your essay. It can also open your eyes to new knowledge and gaps of knowledge on the topic.

When conducting your research, you should put your essay length recommendation at hand. Jot down all the facts about the topic. Estimate how you will incorporate the facts and your opinion to fit the word limit. When you want to be good at writing essays you also have to be good at following instructions. You can spice up your essay by choosing a controversial angle to approach the topics, but you also have to have facts to help you persuade the readers to consider your stance.

Writing a good essay is not complicated. You need to engage yourself in every topic you are writing and add a personal touch to it. When you have a perfect command of your language, and you do frequent practice, then you will be good at it in no time.

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