What exactly is the Professionalessaywriting.com website?

You can easily and quickly order a coursework or other projects at Professionalessaywriting.com. Our work capacity allows us to fulfil almost 100% of the received orders, just make an enquiry at the Order Page, provide an advance payment, and all that’s left is waiting for your order to be finished. It will arrive at your order page as soon as it is ready.

The principle of the Order Form is the following:

  • Firstly, you should send us your demands of the coursework and its contents.
  • Secondly, define a page limit for the document and the quantity of charts, tables and diagrams if you need any. After that we agree on the time limit which is suitable for you.
  • And then you should leave your contacting info. Having this data, we can make a profile for you so that we can reach you when there is such necessity. And finally, you send us the prepayment and then we begin to work.

Once you have finished filling in the form, we assign to you the Order Page. You will use it to monitor our work and track the delivery date of the order. You can change order details here if you remember something new in process and contact with the performer and the website moderator.

When the document is finished, it will arrive at your Order Page.

You will get the document in such format that no one has an access to it except you. It is possible to examine the paper clicking on Preview my Order. If everything suits your needs after checking, click on Accept Order button and we will give you the paper in a Word format. If the final work seems to be not alright and you need some changes to be made, press Request Revision and set new time frames for the corrections. Thanks to Revision Policy at our website, you have this possibility for free. You can see all the previous files at any moment in your personal account.

What does Free Inquiry mean?

You will face it at the last step of filling in the Order Form. It’s created for your convenience to enable you to place the inquiry without paying until we have not checked it and informed you the price.

Here is how it works:

  • You place your request, which is free at first.
  • We assign the performer to you and closely examine your request and the desired demands.
  • We will respond no later than within 15 minutes from the order placement to confirm it.

Only after the receipt of our official acknowledgement, you can send the advance payment to us.

What does the cost of the order depend on?

It depends on 4 parameters:

  • what kind of paper is used
  • the degree of your training course
  • the page limit
  • the time frames

These are the main elements, for further details please look at the Pricing page.

How many words does one page contain?

It depends on the amount of indenting. There are usually 550 words for single line spacing and 275 words for double line spacing. You should notify us about the desirable number of pages but please disregard the Title and Reference ones.

Is the Professionalessaywriting.com official resource?

As long as the educational process is legal, our website is equally legal. The fact is that we render all reasonable support to you, it is just the same help as you can receive from any other sources (academic adviser or specific literature).

Our website is official and accepted by the policies of any educational institution. As we provide to you only basic starting materials, which you finalize by yourself, it is not considered to be a dishonest way.

Moreover, the resulted document is protected when you get it, which means that nobody can find it on the Internet. So, it is your own right how to put it into practice.

How does the Security Policy work?

Professionalessaywriting.com is liable for the safety and security of the personal data of all our clients. We cannot disclose it to any third persons. We guarantee that we will use the data supplied solely to communicate with you in case we have some questions or issues with your order, to check the payment status and to increase the customer service level as well as to send the result to you when it is ready. The full version of the Security Policy is available on the website.

How long will my order take to be finished?

The shortest possible time period is 24 hours. It is the bare minimum to guarantee the high standard of the paper. If there is the great urgency, we always try to respect your situation. Determine the exact time while filling in Order Form and we will try our best to find a performer for your urgent task as soon as possible. We start working from the moment we get the payment and the details which you are expecting to see in your coursework. We guarantee that the initial copy of the document will be send to you as it has been scheduled previously. If you need any further corrections, they will certainly require more time within reasonable limits. We recommend you to have several days as a back-up in order not to take a risk.

How do you select the performers?

We always check and make sure that all of our performers have a certain level of knowledge at the selected field of expertise. They are well-experienced and have to show us a wide portfolio of their previous works before we accept their candidatures. We have created the Quality Assurance Department constituted by professional writers for the careful checking of the applications from possible performers. They make the final decision.

Can I communicate with the performer of my order?

There is a message system at our website for your comfort. You can send messages to the performer which has been applied to you or to our representative from the Custom Service if there is such necessity. If you want to do this, you need to mention your ordering number and determine the recipient of the communication. When the addressee replies to your letter, the system will send you a notifying message.

We highly recommend not to share personal info with the performing writers for security reasons. The writers are warned and prohibited to do it as well.

Are the papers checked for the plagiarism?

We guarantee that you will receive 100% unique text containing appropriate quotes and references when needed. We thoroughly check each and every paper before sending it to the customer at the website of our partner company. We have to ensure in the uniqueness of the work according to the Anti-Plagiarism Warranty and we are serious about implementing it. We cannot afford to undermine your trust as we appreciate our clients.

Can I get a discount at your website?

We have a flexible discount system. The information about our bonuses is located at the Discount page. You just need to make support request to get the discount if there is a possibility. We offer two types of discounts: single-time or the annual one.

How much is the cost of the Title and the Reference?

The title and bibliography to your paper are made free of charge. Thus, your order will be two pages longer than you specify in the Order Form as you should mean only the main part here. We do not extra charge for these two pages.

What is the format of the final paper?

As there are different document requirements to the course papers in different institutions, we are always ready to implement your special demands. We don’t evaluate this work separately, it is included in the total price. We can propose to our clients a great variety of formats. If you have not specified your own document requirements, we will use the following style by default: font is Arial, 12 size, double line spacing, fields are 1 inch. Kindly note that no matter what format is ordered, the spacing is usually double line, so there are around 275 words per page.

Are the pre-written papers kept at your website?

The use and storage of pre-written works is categorically prohibited and this rule is strictly respected. If you still have any doubts in that regard, you can send a claim to our Customer Support. We will consider your request and deal with it. In case your doubts are proved to be true, we take the measures without any delay, refunding the cost of the work.

What opportunities does the Personal Order Page give to me?

You cannot send your request to us if you don’t have your Personal Order Page at our website. Also, you use it to send us certain materials that you want to appear in the paper and monitor how the work is coming here. Moreover, you can use your page to send the messages either to us or to the performer of the work directly. You will find the following options at your page:

  • “Your Orders” can be used to find the info about all the orders which you had earlier at our website and those which are still in progress. The monitoring of your current order is available here as well.
  • “New Order” is used to place a new order to us.
  • “Profile” is used to store personal client’s info and gives you an option to change the password if you want.
  • “Order Info” allows you to verify the information regarding your existing order.
  • “Messages” is created for you to contact with website moderator.

How do I get my order when it is finished?

As soon as we finish the work, we inform you by phone or e-mail. After that you should go to your personal account for preliminary checking of the document and confirm it. Make sure that everything is made in compliance with your demands and do not click on Accept if you still need some corrections, otherwise the corrections will be unavailable and the order will be considered as confirmed. In case you want us to improve the paper, send to us clear instructions and a new time limit. After your confirmation is done, you will receive the protected file with the final document in a Word format at your Personal Order Page.

What guarantees do I have in case you miss the timeline?

If it turns out that we haven’t managed to meet the pre-set time frames, please get in touch with the Customer Support immediately.

We will check the reason of this violation and come back to you with possible proposals to solve the issue. If it happens by your own fault or by the fault of your performing writer, you have to define the new time frames for the finalizing of your order. If you don’t receive your coursework in time through our fault (for example, some technical problems at server), we will reduce the price of this work and give your money back. If you ask for some corrections after receiving the first copy of the paper and we cannot meet the new timelines or in case you give to us not all those materials which should be used in the coursework while placing the request, we kindly ask you to respect our situation. We will do our best to finish the work at the earliest opportunity not at the expense of its quality. In this case, we establish the new deadline.

For more details refer to Money-Back Warranty section at our website.

What rights do I have if the received order doesn’t comply with my demands?

If you are not happy with the result of our work, please do not hesitate to inform us. You can easily do it after reviewing the document in your account. We kindly request to describe all necessary corrections and revisions so that we can improve the paper and fulfil your demands this time. Make sure you determine the new timeline for us. In case you request for a lot of substantial changes, we have to charge you some extra cost for the modification of the work taking into account the complexity and urgency of the order. Please see our Revision Policy if you need to learn more details about this issue.