Confidentiality policy

PBG Solutions is founded and work to ensure the data privacy of customers. The present document regulates the procedure of collection and usage of such info about our customers. It was designed and developed pursuant to the existing laws and for defending of all individual data which we receive by any means during our cooperation with our valuable clients. If you choose to visit and enjoy the facilities which we are ready to offer, you agree to accept these conditions.

Collecting our clients' private information

We gather and save all your private data: full name, town, place of residence, e-mail, number of telephone and any other helpful details, which you pass to us while checking in at You are also asked to fill in some common (not personalized) information, such as the postcode of your city and country.

Some information is reachable for us without requesting for it from our customers. We mean such specific info as the details about the software of your computer. Also, we can know about the quantity of times you entered the website, the time exactly when you did it and other things like that. We need this data to obtain and study the official figures about the use of our webpage to be fully informed about the current situation, to support the high level of service and constantly develop and improve it for your comfort and convenience.

Kindly note that you should not transfer your private details to any third person when following links from We do not have an access to the contents of these communications and cannot read your private messages. That is why cannot accept the responsibilities for any information passed in this way and its use by the third persons. is particularly serious about the security of the child’s personal details. We do not cooperate with children below the age of 13. That is why the children under 13 are kindly requested not to enter and to use our resource. It is their parents who are mainly in charge of ensuring that the rule is strictly followed. If the administration of becomes aware of some cases of violation of this rule, we take actions immediately, erasing the personal children’s information from the global network.

Using of clients' personal information gathers your individual identifying information to build our future work with it, aiming to assist you efficiently and successfully. It is used to organize the client reporting and establish successful customer service. We are interested in getting feedback from our users about our internet resource for further reviewing of our effectiveness, identifying the weak points of the work and searching for the best ways of improving. We always try to develop thanks to your references and advice.

We are not entitled to reveal your personal details by any possible means. We are authorized to give the received information to such correlated services as the postal service and mail service for communicating with our clients, logistics department for realization and controlling of delivery and research department for receiving and considering the customers’ feedbacks. If you agree on mailing while registering at, your e-mail address is also used for this objective. All our partners are not allowed to use and reveal your private data as well and obliged to implement their commitments under the present privacy policy.

Under no circumstances should reveal the customers’ race, religion, nationality or political opinions.

We have access to your search histories in order to indicate the website parts which are most widely used and offer to you something which can be actual and relevant. As you can notice, there are usually the advertisements  connected to what you searched earlier.

Sharing and revealing of personal data

We are sanctioned to reveal your personal details without previous notification in some extreme cases. There are only three occasions where it is officially permitted: 1) enforcing the provisions of laws and rules of our website; 2) defending the rights of our website when they are threatened and our intellectual property; 3) defending the rights of our clients in unforeseen circumstances and emergency.

References to the partners' companies

We offer the references to the homepages of our partner companies for your comfort. Please, keep in mind that all the websites have different confidentiality policies. We recommend to our clients to check them thoroughly before following the links. If your personal info is disclosed by the third person after you entered it at their website using our link, we assume no liability in this case.

Creating and using cookies

A cookie is a little portion of text information which is downloaded to your computer directly without asking for the client’s additional approval when you enter certain websites. They shall not be used for placing viruses, malicious programs or spyware on computers. uses the web cookies to identify our customers and provide individualized approach towards each of our clients.

We can use some non-personal data as well, such as the version and type of your browser, operational system used, time and date of each visitor’s request. We need this information to have a look at basic statistics and keep it for further usage in developing our website and improving the level of our service.

The major useful option of cookies is customizing of web pages which is possible due to the fact that we can save once received information about our customers. For example, you provided your username while logging in to our website, we saved it, and the next time you enter to the site, you will be welcomed individually by name. We keep all the input information at our server for your convenience and saving your time.

By the way, there is always the choice for our clients to save the cookies or turning them down. In case you want to reject them, set your browser’s configurations accordingly. In this case, you have to enter your name and other necessary details each time you log in at our website, because we would not be able to save and keep such data. However, it depends on your personal needs and desire, so you can decide which option is more suitable for you.

If you go to some other pages using the links we offer, these sites gain the access to your web cookies as well and can use these details in their own best interest. Please be extremely careful, because we do not know the policies which these organizations use in their work and cannot guarantee that our clients are absolutely safe and sound at those pages.

Confidential treatment of our clients' personal data

By providing the personal details while registering at, you confirm that we can keep, use and deal with these records at our main server. We assure you that all your personal verifying information is reliably protected and is treated in agreement with this certain document. We commit ourselves to defend all the info about our clients, preventing its improper use by any third persons.

You are always asked for your login name and password. This procedure is necessary so that we can be sure that nobody else would enter the website under your account.

We can keep the records which were previously received from our customers even after you stop to use your account. The available data remains in our archives for some time, without being used or transferred to any other sources.

If you leave some comments or feedbacks about, please, note that we can use these references on our website without any previous demand.

Nevertheless, if you are not happy with the fact that we use your feedbacks at our website, please reach the support department for the refusal. They are in position to eliminate the customers’ opinions from and will be glad to assist you in case of any applications any time you ask.

We point out that the transferring of the data on the internet or any wireless network might not be secure and is not guaranteed to be 100% confidential. You should be aware of potential risks transmitting your data by this way.

Modifications of the confidentiality policy reserves the right to make any amendments to the contents of the present document in case of necessity. Our clients are usually informed about these modifications and additions at the pages of our site, but we strongly recommend you to monitor the document revisions by yourself occasionally to be sure that you are always up-to-date in this issue and aware of the latest version of the rules. It is an important issue because your rights and responsibilities can be affected by these revisions.

Unsubscribe option provides you the ability to unsubscribe from various newsletters, updates and other distributions which we suppose desirable and useful for our valuable clients. Please, get in touch with our support team to do this.

Contacting details

We are always glad to hear your opinions, comments and proposals concerning the present rules and their respecting. In case of any doubts about the strict observance of the regulations from our side or breaking of the rules, feel free to get in touch with us on [email protected]. We will check your application and take actions immediately.