Capability management and quality assurance

Our company is a place where your total confidence in our capabilities is of the highest importance. For this reason, we don't ask you to pay beforehand. Instead, once you submitted your order our functions are:

  • To carefully check all your requirements and instructions.
  • To find the author who is perfectly capable of completing your assignment.
  • To reply you within fifteen minutes and inform you about the author, as well as letting you know if he has certain questions regarding your assignment.
  • To send you a link for the payment if everything is ok.
  • To proceed to completing your assignment.

As our mission is to provide you with only high quality service and satisfy your requests completely, we prefer not accepting the assignment instead of not being able to fulfil your expectations. We want to know for sure that any assignment we deal with only makes our customers happy and works in favor of our reputation. This is why we always get the best results. Give our company a chance and you will never get disappointed!

A note to remember 

Please keep in mind that we are aimed at meeting all kinds of challenges and we are ready to take orders of different levels of complexity. However, there are tasks requiring very specific knowledge, skills and experience. In order to always meet the needs of our customers, we may decline some orders, which lie in such fields as medicine, engineering, aviation, criminal law and some others.

Having the goal of strengthening customers' faith in our company and its abilities, we may not accept some requests.